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A driver whose pick-up truck rear-ended a school bus in Albany, Ga., told police he was reaching to change his radio station at the time, WALB reported recently. The accident, which occurred when the bus was stopped to drop children off, sent the bus driver, the truck driver and nine children to a local hospital. […]


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Bruce Millar on March 25th, 2014

Distracted driving is finally gaining attention as one of the most dangerous behaviors on the road. Eating, texting, talking on a cellphone and other activities that take a driver’s attention away from the primary function of driving can lead to injuries or death from car crashes. Across the nation, more than nine people are killed […]


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Georgia law prohibits texting for all drivers and bans all cell-phone use for bus drivers and novice drivers. But this dangerous behavior is all too common, and victims in distracted driving wrecks shouldn’t leave investigations completely to police. Recording important information from the scene of the crash could enable a motorist hit by a distracted […]


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Bruce Millar on February 28th, 2014

Two years after a distracted driver caused a car crash that killed a five-year-old boy in Annapolis, Md., the Maryland legislature is considering strong legislation to levy active prison sentences and heavy fines against distracted drivers who cause a death or serious injury. Dubbed “Jake’s Law” for the little boy who lost his life, the […]


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Bruce Millar on February 7th, 2014

A police officer in Dunwoody, Ga., was “dumbfounded” when a driver he pulled over couldn’t stop talking on his cellphone, WXIA reported recently. The officer spotted the driver weaving, making illegal turns, and nearly stopping for green lights in Dunwoody, a suburb north of Atlanta. So he pulled the driver over and discovered he was […]


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Bruce Millar on January 6th, 2014

It is hard to travel during the holidays without seeing other drivers eating or drinking, turning around to talk to passengers, brushing their hair or putting on make-up, adjusting a radio, programming a navigational system, or even reading newspapers. The website defines distracted driving as “any activity that could divert a person’s attention away […]


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Bruce Millar on June 19th, 2013

Using a hands-free cell phone or other portable device while driving does not mean you are immune from a car crash in Georgia. Hands-free does not mean risk-free, a new study shows. Researchers at the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that drivers can be dangerously distracted – by doing things like listening to the radio […]


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