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Bruce Millar on March 18th, 2014

Drinking and driving is a plague on the nation, claiming thousands of lives each year. But while drunk driving gets the most attention, walking and bicycling under the influence are also problems. The percentage of bicyclists and pedestrians killed in traffic crashes while under the influence of alcohol has remained largely unchanged for 20 years, […]


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Bruce Millar on April 16th, 2013

As the weather clears, the number of bicycles on roads across Georgia– especially in Atlanta and other cities – will be rising. Unfortunately, so will the risk of Georgia bicycle accidents. During the past two decades, cycling has increased dramatically in the United States. The greatest gains have occurred in large urban areas. The ranks […]


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When you think about other vehicles that you share the road with, chances are good you think of things like cars, trucks, vans, tractor-trailers, dump trucks and motorcycles. However, bicycles also share the road with you and there are more and more of them out there every day. While you’ll find bikes more common in […]


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Bruce Millar on September 4th, 2012

New Georgia Bicycle Laws The Georgia law on bicycle travel has changed recently. You and your loved ones want to be informed of what your rights are as a cyclist and your responsibilities as a driver. For the cyclist, the new law dictates which direction you are to ride in. If there is no bicycle […]


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Bruce Millar on March 29th, 2012

What to Do After an Atlanta, Georgia Bicycle Accident Posted by Liandra N. Marchan, Esq. Unfortunately, car accidents involving bicyclists are extremely common.  If you’re been injured while riding your bicycle, it can be painful, upsetting and scary.  Our Georgia lawyers have represented many cyclists who have been hit by cars and trucks, and we […]


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Bruce Millar on July 24th, 2011

  Atlanta Bicycle Hit and Run Accident Unfortunately, and despite a new law that requires drivers to share the road with bicyclists by giving them at least three feet of clearance, Georgia television news stations and newspapers such as the Atlanta Journal Constitution continue to report tragic stories involving pedestrians and bicycle riders being hit […]


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Bruce Millar on June 10th, 2011

No doubt, bicycling is a fun and healthy activity.  And, while it’s great to be out there enjoying the open roads, it’s important to take extra care to protect yourself from  bicycle crashes and other accidents.  Every day, bicycles and bicyclists are struck or hit by cars or trucks.  Some bicycle riders are even bitten […]


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Back in 1964, Roger Miller crooned about being King of the Road. And while it’s always a mistake to try and improve upon the classics, today’s version of that monster smash might have a sub-title that went: “…but I’m willing to share it with bicycle riders.” True, that little modification would ruin the song, but […]


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